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Traditional Cache "ICE CAVE EXCURSION" by docdave69 (1.5/3.5)
N41 47.764  W108 53.465 (WGS84)
UTM  12T   E 675217  N 4629284
Use waypoint: GCG6GY
Size: Regular Regular    Hidden on 5/22/2003
In WY, United States
Difficulty:  1.5 out of 5   Terrain:  3.5 out of 5
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To get to this cache you must have a good working 4wheel drive vehicle, the cooridinates given were taken at the opening of one of the cave structures

This Cache is a clear tupperware container with a green lid
Contents include:

Bikini Girl Air Freshener
Search and Rescue Map
New Lawn Mower tune-up kit
Cloth Hair Berret
Mouse Decal
World Atlas CD Rom
Boggle CD Rom
Tiny Ear Phones
Coax Cable
Coax Adapter
Bottle of India Ink
Sokkia 12ft. tape measure
Metal Runts container
Toy Bear and Rabbit
CD Cassette adapter
Container of gold glitter
Magnetic key holder
Phone Cable
Safety Glasses
Container of .7mm pencil lead
Container of .5mm pencil lead
Mini Cresent wrench
Folding sissors
Texas Instruments calculator
One Die
Heart eraser
Peppermill matchbook
4 pens
Photo of bikini girls next to Ferrari

Additional Hints Hints

Current at 11/22/2007

Found it 9/1/2007 by jphill122
We had a similar problem to the last cacher, the obvious road to this cache is blocked by a Searls Bros mining operation. We went around the long way and approached this cache from a two-lane track from the North. What a ride this was -- bumpppppppppy . We finally found this cache and enjoyed some of the nearby ice caves. My 3 and 6 yr old loved the bouncy ride in. We found an alternate way to this cache on our way out. There is a "new" road to a recently drilled gas well. This road can be used to get to the cache --it still will require a 4WD. We loved the cool cache on a hot summer day. Did not leave anything in the log -- sign in log was missing but the cache was intact. Good day trip.

Write note 7/19/2007 by Jake81499
I was heading up to this one while working in the area. A local told me the road is closed off heading to it so I didn't go. He said there is a back way into the ice cave but it is quite difficult. The mines are working in the area.

Found it 4/14/2007 by neuman ollie
First time out at the ice caves. Neat area was fun to find. When we arrived there was a group having a picnic by the cache. Asked them if they were fellow cacher's and they had no idea what geo-caching was. Found the cache, this cache needs a new log book and noticed that several people have found this cache recently but have not loged it.

Owner Maintenance 5/27/2006 by docdave69
Brought some of my family and another family out to check out the caves, left a water bottle and water ball took some trona samples and a marking pen. The road condition in was not the greatest but I still got the suburban in. I got to play in the mud a bit it was a very windy day but always a joy to visit. the cache is in good shape and dry. Ive also uploaded a few photos. Happy Caching


Found it 8/29/2005 by princessalex
I have found your cache with either my Grandpa, JEEWY or my mom, Sunshine Mommie. I didn't log my finds before so I am
logging them all BigSmile(82)BigSmile at one time. Thank You.

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Hints (Back)
once you get to a faded sign telling about the natural corals, there is a steep road to the left, go down that road until you come to a rock fire ring on the ground. Once you see this you are pretty warm to getting into the cache.... have fun

also a couple more hints once at the fire ring there is a small path thru the bushes that heads towards the rock formations. go a very short distance on that path and on the left is a cave with a fair size openening while in there the cache will be higher up in the cave also this particular cave does not have ice in it the temp is just a bit chilly