Cornelius Farrell Kelly




Biographical Information

Cornelius F. Kelly began writing poetry seriously in 1995. He has published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Pinedale Roundup, the American Cowboy, AIM Magazine, Streetviews, and the Wyoming Magazine. As Lugnaquilla Press, he has published eight chapbooks: Pinedale Poems, People Poems, Haiku, Copos de Nieve (Spanish), Letters from Mae (a collection of his mother’s letters 1921 to 1936), Paint Pots (a collection of children’s poetry), Poetry for Poets, and Poetry Laugh Lines. He has published in Haiku Quarterly of Swindon, England, and done readings of his Spanish Poetry in Managua, Nicaragua, and in Granada, Spain. He is an active member of WYOPoets and of Wyoming Writers, Inc.


Personal Interests

Cornelius F. Kelly enjoys travel, baking bread, brewing beer, reading mystery novels, cooking, hiking, building, camping, canoeing, and writing poetry. He is a computer addict and has withdrawal symptoms when deprived of its use for long periods of time


Contact Information


Phone: 307 367 4271

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Physical Address: P.O. Box 633/#50 Orcutt Drive

Pinedale WY 82941