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NEW Doctor Hurdle's Program to Retain Youghfulness by J. Frank Hurdle, M.D. Copyright 1972. Published by Parker Publishing. Excellent like new condition. ISBN 0-13-216333-0 $2.49

Healing with Water: Special Applications & Uses of Water in Home Remedies for Everyday Ailments by Jeanne Keller Copyright 1968, 1969, second printing. Published by Parker Publishing Co., Inc. Hardback with dust jacket. Book has sustained minor water damage along bottom edges resulting in minor bleeding onto page edges. Otherwsie, book is in good condition. LOC 68-31768 $2.49

How to Avoid Stress Before It Kills You by Keith Sedlacek, Matthew J. Culligan. Copyright 1976, Gramercy Edition 1980. Published by Gramercy Publishing Co. Hardback with dust jacket. Book itself is in "like new" condition - dust jacket is in fair condition with some wear and some minor tears. ISBN 0-517-305569 $1.99

NEW Is This Your Day? by George S. Thommen. Third printing of Revised Edition. Copyright 1973. Crown publishers Inc. Hardback. Book itself is in very good condition with minor shelf wear on edge. Dust jacket shows wear. ISBN 0-517-505991. $4.49

Life is the Healer by Eileen J. Garrett. Copyright 1957, published by Dorrance and Co. Hardback book, former library book. Other than library stamps and marks, book is in excellent condition. LOC 57-13489.$4.99

Poisoned Power: The Case Against Nuclear Power Plants by Arthur R. Tamplin, John W. Gofman. Copyright 1971, first printing. Published by Rodale Press Inc. Hardback. Covers have minor spots but book is in good condition. ISBN: 0878570047 $3.69

The Negative Calorie Diet Workbook & Cookbook by Matt Retherford. Copyright 1997-1999. Published by The Equilibria Group. No ISBN. Softcover, bound in plastic spiral. Book appears to be in like new condition. No writing on pages, no damaged pages. $1.99

The New Sensual Massage: Learn to Give Pleasure with Your Hands by Gordon Inkeles. Copyright 1992, published by Bantam Books. Soft cover, in excellent "like new" condition. ISBN 0-553-37092-8 $2.29

The Soul of Sex by Thomas Moore. Copyright 1998, published by Harper Collins Publishers. Hardback in "like new" condition, with dust jacket. ISBN 0-06-018697-6 $2.99

Walking-the Pleasure Exercise: A 60-Day Walking Program for Fitness & Health by Mort Malkin. Copyright 1986, published by Rodale Press Inc. Hardcover with dust jacket in "like new" condition. ISBN: 0-87857-614-2 $1.99

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